About Us

Our Team

Mary Nirenberg

Co-Founder/ Managing Partner

Mary Nirenberg started her career in Canada with an established law firm in Toronto, where she was heavily involved in labour and immigration law. After 15+ years in the legal sector, Mary had opened a successful boutique immigration firm with her partners.

A long and prosperous career in the immigration sector allowed Mary to continuously grow her business development skills that she is now applying successfully in the recruiting field.

With a strong understanding of the labour market that spans over 15+ years, Mary delivers quick results to her clients in various recruiting facets. Mary brings enthusiasm and tenacity that is little seen in the recruiting market.

Janna Manger

Director of Business Development

Janna Manger is the Director of Business Development at Krimson Search. Janna is well known among her clients and colleagues as the problem solver. Janna enjoys a challenge even when the odds are stacked against her.

Janna graduated from UofT in Political Science, which sparked her interest in the legal sector. Janna dedicated a large part of her career working for a leading law firm in Toronto, where she was heavily involved in working on foreign business investments, immigrations and entrepreneur case valuations.

Janna has a passion for working with people that stems from 16 years of working with various economical sectors and government bodies.

Maria Guerts

Director of Operation

Maria Guerts is the Director of Operation at Krimson Search. She is a true believer in helping people to grow professionally. Maria started her career by graduating from York University in Administrative Studies. She quickly realized she developed a keen interest for human resources, recruiting, and leadership development.

Maria worked in various industries spanning from manufacturing, legal sector, and information technology in her career. Her experience and intuition allows her to place candidates in the right career paths. Maria strongly believes that recruiting is about connecting people with the best opportunity to push them in their progressive careers.

Match-making between candidates and clients is Maria’s goal with Krimson Search. Its not enough to just place candidates, it has to be the perfect match! Maria’s strength lies with her talent to sincerely listen to her clients and candidates needs, to ensure both parties are satisfied in the long run.

Alexandra Korkontzelos

Director of Permanent Placement

Alexandra Korkontzelos is the Director of Permanent Placement with Krimson Search. Alexandra has always believed that people make the company and finding the right people always proposed the biggest challenge. 

Early on in Alexandra’s career in the recruiting industry she learned that it was more imperative to establish a relationship versus a transaction. After working for a numerous leading staffing agencies in North America, Alexandra wanted to finally put a spin on recruiting with her experience and skills.

Alexandra is known around her colleagues as the master of multitasking. She believes in always being busy and juggling the recruiting as well as business development activities simultaneously.  Alexandra is always the “go to recruiter” for clients that need permanent placement quickly. With an established network that spans over a decade, Alexandra is fast to respond to her clients needs with an ideal match.

How the recruitingprocess works at Krimson

Finding the right talent!

We believe in making it personal.

The process starts with us assessing our clients needs. Our qualified consultants will visit the client and get a tangible feel for what is required. In this way, we go beyond the job description.

Going beyond the font and resume!

Once we understand the needs of our client, our consultant will present candidates in a 360 degree manner through our unique: Video Profile Advantage!

  • Connector.

    Video Profile

    Recruiting in the 21st century should go beyond font and paper. We provide a short video clip of each candidate that we present!

  • Connector.

    Communication and Presentation

    Its not enough to just present “skills” and “experience”. Our clients want to view each candidates personality and communication style during the pre-screening process.

  • Connector.


    At Krimson Search, we strive to make the pre-screening and hiring process efficient. Our Video Profile Advantage gives our clients reassurance in their decision making process.

Our Core Values

We are Ethical

Krimson Search was built on being ethical. We believe we have a large responsibility when dealing with our candidates careers and our client’s placements. We strive to make sure that our morals and principles are executed at every stage of the recruiting process.

We Pursue Excellence

At Krimson Search, we believe that our candidates and clients only deserve the best, anything short of excellent isn’t enough. We strive to always innovate and ensure that our process follows the utmost highest level of care to our parties. We believe the recruiting experience should be simple, cost effective, and establish a long lasting relationship.

We Practice Honesty and Integrity

We never lose sight of our goals at Krimson Search. Yet we always believe honesty and integrity are vital components of our success. We are driven to connect our candidates with the amazing opportunities that our clients provide.

We Help Careers Grow

We believe in placing each candidate in a role where they will always grow! Our success comes from the success of our candidates and clients.